Culture and Strategy:
Define, Align, Execute

Learn to be strategic about your culture

Become a certified Organizational Culture Leader

Master the psychological mechanisms behind culture management

Learn with PhD instructor lecturing at highest-ranked universities

Helping leaders embrace culture
2 days
12-20 hrs
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6 months
The course is for you if:
You are a leader managing teams and looking to improve culture management skills
You an HR or marketing professional supporting leaders in culture management
You are a (future) consultant to organizations culture processes
You are looking for a deeper, more psychological understanding of organizational culture
You believe that organizations should balance profits and purpose
Course Description
This program is our new course on the interplay between culture and strategy
Throughout this course you will acquire essential knowledge needed to take a strategic approach to your organizational culture and understand the crucial role leaders hold in this process.
We will meet online for live lectures with plenty of room for interactions and opportunities to ask questions. If unable to attend, recordings will be made available.
"Culture and strategy are not two sides of the same coin. They are the same side of the same coin, where leadership is on the other side"
Edgar Schein
This program aims to unpack the complexity of organizational culture and examine its psychological mechanisms, unconscious sources and strategic importance.
The learning methods used are a mix of theory, science-based evidence about what makes a culture "great", real life examples, practical assignments and peer-to-peer interaction.

On completion of this course, you will walk away with
An understanding of why culture is the greatest predictor of organizational success
An in-depth awareness of the psychological elements and mechanisms driving an effective transmission of culture from leader to team
A culture creation (or change) roadmap outlining a step-by-step guide to apply all learnings in your organization.
Upon successful completion of the course and the passing of the Final Test, participants are awarded with an official "Culture and Strategy: Define, Align, Execute" Certificate of Completion from ASCS, which they can also showcase on their LinkedIn profile.
Dr. Tamara Markova
Your Instructor
PhD | MBA| Business Leader | Lecturer | Founder ASCS
Dr. Tamara Markova is the founder of Amsterdam Strategy and Culture School, as well as the instructor of the "Culture as Strategy: A Framework for Leaders" course. She holds a PhD in Business & Economics (Organizational Behavior) and an MBA with Culture and Strategy major.
Tamara held various corporate Strategy, M&A, Culture and Board of Directors membership roles at several multinational organizations.
Lectured Organizational Culture graduate and executive education programs at several Dutch universities (UvA, VU).
Certified Psychologist, specialised in Existential Therapy methods, Workhuman professional, certified Happiness at Work practitioner and Emotional Intelligence coach.
Course Curriculum
  • 1
    An introduction to organizational culture 
    Quickly master the fundamental theories, concepts and approaches to organizational culture. Discover what culture is, its main functions and essential elements.
  • 2
    Culture and Strategy
    Culture and Strategy are rarely discussed in the same conversations. Discover why culture has a strategic importance and learn how to align them for optimal organizational results.
  • 3
    Leader as the key determinant of culture
    Learn why leaders are the key determinants of the nature of culture and examine how their role changes throughout the Life Cycle of the organization.
  • 4
    What makes culture great?
    Discover the scientifically proven elements known to make any culture better (more positive, functional and healthy). Discuss the drivers and best practices of these elements to implement them in your organization.
  • 5
    The dark side of organizational culture
    Uncover the dark side of organizational culture and question its function as a soft manipulation tool used to drive voluntary compliance, overcommitment and conformism.
  • 6
    Organizational purpose
    Understand why organizational purpose is the key pillar of a positive culture and learn to define it at the organisational, leadership and individual level both for yourself and every team-member.
  • 7
    Culture embedding mechanisms & roadmap
    Learn the mechanisms that give culture its initial shape, those that reinforce it, and develop a step-by-step roadmap to implement all course learnings in your organization.
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